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World War One (1914 - 1919) Their Stories - Our History

The End on Innocence

The second instalment of our WWI exhibition brings together the stories of men and women from around Nelson who were directly involved or affected by the Gallipoli campaign in 1915. Recollections from people such as Charles Duke and the publication 'Tales of Three Campaigns' by Cyprian Brereton, provide unique insights into this period of our history. When New Zealand responded to the call for troops to fight alongside those from other Dominions of Great Britain in a war in Europe in August of 1914, the men and their families left behind thought it was nothing more than a grand adventure to experience the world.

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Gallipoli; in search of a family story

The exhibition, Gallipoli; in search of a family story, created by Pat White, was shown first at the National Army Museum (Waiouru). It features colour illustrations, photos, poems, diary excerpts and letters home written by White's great-uncle and ANZAC, Jack Dunn. The display at Nelson Provincial Museum is a smaller version of of the original but the tragedy of the story is plain to read. Dunn was the only New Zealander serving at Gallipoli in 1915 to be sentenced to death by court martial. The sentence was never carried out but he was killed on Chunuk Bair three days after being returned to his unit.

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WW1 - Their Stories - Our History - Website


visit www.nelsonmuseum.co.nz/ww100

Visit our new WW100 website to learn more about how World War One impacted on the region and its people.

Making use of biographies, military records, photographs, diaries, objects and other historical records, the website profiles a number of men and women from the region who were involved in the First World War.

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World War One (1914 - 1919) Their Stories - Our History

WW1 Their Stories Our History

This exhibition honours the centennial of the 'war to end all wars', World War One (1914 - 1919).

By the end of the war almost 2,500 men and women from the province had served overseas. Most men were enlisted in the New Zealand armed forces, but some enrolled with the Australian and British forces, and a smaller number served as nurses and chaplains. This number does not include: those from Marlborough or northern West Coast who were part of the same military district; some of those who served in the British navy or air forces; the merchant navy; volunteers with the Red Cross; or others directly associated with the war effort. Those left behind raised funds, made up parcels, wrote letters, and kept the province running - all the time fearful of a telegraphed message bearing news of death or injury of a loved one.

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Collections Online

 The Nelson Provincial Museum collections Online

The Nelson Provincial Museum is proud to bring you Collections Online the Museum's online public access catalogue.

This online catalogue lets you search over some of the many collection items held by the Museum.

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Collection Storage

Being the oldest museum in New Zealand, Nelson Provincial Museum has a long proud history. As the Museum has moved from one home to the next over the last 170 years it has become the guardian of a nationally significant Collection. For perhaps the last two decades a series of reports has addressed the issues of quality and quantity of available storage. The most recent report by OCTA Associates provided the Tasman Bays Heritage Trust with a recommended option to redevelop the Isel Park Research Facility. This option was presented to the Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council and was discussed at Council meetings. Collection storage has been included as a project in the next LTCCP Nelson City Council. The OCTA report and an update from the CEO, Peter Millward, can be downloaded here (PDF format). Further information or questions should be addressed to him in the first instance ceo@museumnp.org.nz

What's New: WW1 Service Database

WW1 Service DB

The WW1 Service Database is now live on the Museum's website. The database lists the names of more than 2500 men and women from the region who served during the First World War. The database is the end product of many years work by regional researchers and genealogists and includes nurses, soldiers, Padres, and those men and women who served with Australian forces, the Royal Navy and the flying services of England.

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At our central city location, TA445, the Lower Gallery leads visitors through an exploration of Te Tau Ihu, top of the South Island from Tasman Bay to Golden Bay.

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Museum's Permanent Exhibition Gallery

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This recently redeveloped exhibit, pictured above, portrays the amazing migration of the bar-tailed godwits and includes both a stuffed bird and a flying model.